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It's a New Year!

I know, I've been a little MIA from my main website. Work and the holidays kind of took over, but it's a new year and I plan on updating you all, on my journey with my second book! I'm not sure if I'm going to take the publisher route this time around, but I'm definitely going to look into it. Being an author was my dream and now being a full-time writer/author is something I really want to work towards.

I have been keeping up with my blog site, however, I've been very active on their. I joined a group called Lone Star Literary Life, where I write book reviews and posts for authors all round Texas. It's such a great organization and if you are a Texas author and want to do a book tour, I recommend them any day! And if you just want to keep up with the latest authors in Texas, subscribe in their website!

I have some ideas for some videos and blog posts, but if you want to see anything from me, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm really open to anything!

What are some of your dreams that you want to accomplish this year? Any goals? Let me know in the comments and please subscribe if you haven't already!


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