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Burst of Inspiration

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

It's been a hot minute and I know that I have been slacking. I've been busy with work and have been focusing on my blogs more than I have with my next book. Though, I have reached out to some publishers and am really trying to get a certain pbulisher to notice me. We'll see how that goes. But for now, I would like to update you with some general updates.

1. I had a burst of inspiration. I truly hadn't had inspiration in writing in a while and today, I just had a burst of writing energy. Maybe it was the energy that I added to my Smoothie King drink. Or maybe it was because I am in the house alone with my cat. All I know is that my dry season in writing has passed and I'm ready to get back on the saddle!

2. I've been thinking about poetry lately. I'm thinking of having a segment on my website that is just filled with poems and photography and all the artsy things I nejoy in life. Will anyone actually notice? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm pumped for it.

3. Will I publish another book without a publisher? I'm not quite sure. I would like a publisher because I would like to make writing more of a full-time gig. But for not, it's a part time and there are some people who can turn indie writing to full time jobs, but I'm not sure if I'm one of those?

And yeah, I just want to be a better author and overall a better person at my craft. So as I go through life, I appreciate you all being here with me! Until next time, Happy Reading!


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