Me in Kawaguchiko Mount Fuji Japan

I am not just a self-publishing author, I'm an artist, a freelance writer, a social media coordinator, a fiance, sister, niece, daughter, cousin, tia and so much more! I'm a lot of things at once. Which is why my social media handle is @abitofamanda. 


I went to Palo Alto College (the one in San Antonio), where I earned my Associates in Journalism/Mass Communications. I also attended The University of Texas at Dallas where I earned my Bachelors in Emerging Media and Communications. 


When I'm not writing or editing, I'm working on one project or another, blogging on my original blog: Rainy Days with Amanda, cooking, doing some crafts, going to the gym, playing with my cat and watching Judge Judy.


Catch my newest book called The Inevitables! Coming out very soon to an amazon search near you!


E-Mail: amandaborroel@gmail.com